For 45 years, Butter Krisp Diner has stood as the landmark diner in Covington, LA. This renowned diner, which Gilbert Copeland conceptualized with a dash of retro inspiration, recently underwent a change in ownership. In the year 2020, Mr. Copeland entrusted the reins of this culinary treasure to his godson, Joseph Bonono, III. Under Mr. Bonono’s stewardship, Butter Krisp Diner continues to honor the cherished tradition of providing round-the-clock service for its patrons. Just as it has done for decades, the establishment proudly serves hot, freshly made glazed donuts, ensuring that their aroma wafts through the air at any time of day, 365 days a year. Committed to preserving the essence of comfort food, the diner has also dedicated itself to crafting flavorful dishes like the grilled cheese donut; each prepared to order with a commitment to freshness. Butter Krisp Diner stands as a testament to the enduring charm and timeless appeal of a cherished American dining experience.

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